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Chiffon Instant Hijab With Satin Under Cap - Rose

Chiffon Instant Hijab With Satin Under Cap - Rose

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Chiffon scarf with satin under cap attached to it.

Most hijab wearers suffer from greasy/frizzy hair or hair loss from wearing hijab caps. That's why we are introducing a hair friendly satin instant scarf. It's best to wear breathable material such as satin, as the material lies smooth against your hair without causing any friction.

Benefits of satin under cap

- Lightweight, soft and translucent.

- Keeps your hair super soft and moisturised.

- Tangle free

- Natural Fibre is hypoallergenic, far less irritating than other fabrics.

- Light and breathable.

Easy to style and high quality.

Great for any occasions.

Available in different colours.

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